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Theory Of Everything+(T.O.E.Jam)2000.09.07+sbd+BoulderTheater

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Theory Of Everything+(T.O.E.Jam)2000.09.07+sbd+BoulderTheater

figured folks might like these these ~ remember to check out the pre~T.O.Ejam from 2001.02.01 peace,


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Mountain Sun Brewery, in association with the Boulder Theater, presents
The Theory of Everything
on Thursday, September 7th
The Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery and The Boulder Theater are pleased to bring to you a
very special evening of music with some of todayâs brightest young stars of the improvisational
universe letâs call it The Theory of Everything. For one night only, Michael Kang (The
String Cheese Incidentmandolin & fiddle), Kyle Hollingsworth (The String Cheese Incident
keyboards), Tye North (Leftover Salmonbass), Ross Martin (Tony Furtado Bandguitar)
and Dave Watts (The Motetdrums) will gather to perform instrumental conversations including
never-heard-before original compositions as well as boldly translated versions of covers that
represent the dynamic musical roots of the collaboration. With backgrounds in jazz, rock,
bluegrass, and more, no genre will be safe in what promises to be an over-the-top evening of
Besides all being outstanding musicians, you may have noticed the contributors to The Theory
of Everything have something else in common they each call Boulder home. These players
have an intertwined history that runs back through the evolution of both the bands they represent
and the greater music community of Boulder. Dave Watts was instrumental in first introducing
Kyle Hollingsworth to Michael Kang (now band mates in The String Cheese Incident) at a
Penny Lane Coffee House jam back in 1994. Tye North, who will say goodbye to Leftover
Salmon this September, has recently completed an album with a side project called Comotion
(with Michael Kang, Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Paul McCandless, Jeff âApartment
Q258â Sipe, and Aaron Johnston.) Titled Head West, the CD is schedule for September 12th
release by Boulder based record label, SCI Fidelity Records (The String Cheese Incident,
Keller Williams). Ross Martin plays lead guitar on The Motet's current release Breathe and
currently tours with Boulder-based banjo wizard The Tony Furtado Band. All of the musicians
have participated in the Nederland Acid Jazz Series since itâs inception, on occasion with as
many as four of the five players involved. Collectively, those bands represented in the Theory
of Everything have played at some of the most prestigious venues and music festivals in the
country. In short, this group of friends and colleagues is getting together to celebrate the talentrich
music scene that has evolved in Boulder over the past few years. Come join the fun.


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remember to check out the 2001.02.01 Pre T.O.E. (theory of everything) Jam ~ Boulder, CO
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What an incredible group of colorado's finest playing beautiful music. ONLY 4 downloads. This show is a hidden jem.
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